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US Ospreys In Belize
Thu, September 15, 2011
The United States Government has once again chosen Belize to conduct military training exercises, and this time, it's the Marine Corp that's in the country to execute a 10 day deployment for training.

The Marines flew into Belize last Thursday aboard four of their newest combat utility aircraft, the MV-22 Osprey, that will be at the center of its training exercises.

In coordination with the Belize Defense Force, the Marines will fly over the Belizean countryside conducting unit training, which will include low-altitude flights, flights into confined areas, self-deployment capability exercises, and over-water exercises.

Training locations include Price Barracks, the Hattieville Range and the Jungle Warfare Training Center. The Osprey is a unique aircraft that can be refueled in mid-air. It's able to take off and land like a helicopter, but flies like a conventional aircraft, allowing it to fly twice as fast, while carrying three times its weight, and travelling four times farther than the helicopters it has replaced.

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