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Sports Trainers From States
Thu, March 13, 2014
Today, Minister of State with responsibility for Sports Herman Longsworth held a press conference to outline a new opportunity for serious world-class sports training in Belize.

It's a partnership with sports authorities from Northern Illinois University in the US, who are here to train coaches and athletes.

The programme is funded by the US State Department, and facilitated by the US Embassy in Belize. At the press conference, Longsworth introduced the facilitators:

Hon. Herman Longsworth
"This initiative is one that really reflects where we are today and what is critical to development in Belize today, it is the kind of cooperation that we must have if we are to move. It is in line with the plans that we have been making for sports. Most of you will know that we are almost ready to launch our national sport policy and one of the three main pillars in that policy is inclusivity - is trying to ensure that we can create an atmosphere for sports where everybody regardless of where they come from or who they are can participate."

"This project is being funded by the United States Department of State, there is a sports united grant program that has the intention of funding two way exchange programs to do just this; to use sports as a vehicle to promote social change and we were luckily enough to receive this grant and partnered with the coalition down here and also with the US Embassy in Belize."

"Let me tell you briefly the 3 main aims of this project; 1). to work with the directors and the organizations here that do sports and the policy makers and the decision makers that can really make a difference in doing more with sports than just competition, but using it as a way to promote real change in communities and in the lives of youths."

The programme's is being called the "Belizean Youth Sport Coalition Project".

The American Facilitators will begin implementation of new methodology in teaching the skills of the major sport disciplines with practical applicators to everyday situations.

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