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DPM, Let All Voices Be Heard, Calebís As Well
Thu, September 15, 2016
Last night, we showed you the Deputy Prime Minister, Patrick Faber's press conference. He wanted, among other things, to clear up that the Church State Commission is merely a forum for the churches to share their concerns on any topic, not only matters of public morality. He was also making the point that the Commission does not have the power to make policies based the church's position; it only will have the ability to advise the Government on what course of action they should take, on different issues of national interest.

So, we asked him if in the Government will allow Caleb Orozco and UNIBAM a similar opportunity to be heard in very same way that Church is being allowed. He told us that he has committed to Orozco that this dialog will happen. Faber added that personally, he would want to see the minority groups get more than an opportunity to dialog; he would want there to be some mechanism to address their concerns. Here how he explained why:

The working group for the Church State Commission meets for the first time on September 26.

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