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Police Have To Put The Brakes On Patrols Due To Gas Quotas
Tue, January 10, 2017
And while home-makers and restaurant owners will have to deal with that butane price hike, the police have their own gas problems. 7News has received multiple credible reports saying that all those fancy new patrol pickups are routinely parked - especially at the end of month. That's because each pickup has a gas quota, and when the quota is expended - which is usually coming unto the end of the month - the formation or precinct is forced to park the pickups. That's when patrols are cut back - and the - we are told - the pickups then only respond to emergencies. The drivers are urged to drive no more than 18 miles per shift - and if the mileage total exceeds that the drivers have to give an explanation.

The quotas are the result of the department trying to contain costs as its vehicle fleet has increased by 27 vehicles.

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