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Jaws, The Trouble Croc Relocated
Wed, January 11, 2017
Jaws is an American crocodile whose jaw was broken by a machete while he was still a juvenile. Because his jaw healed at an awkward slant he is unable to properly hunt for prey on his own. Because of this, a few San Pedro residents took pity on the croc and have been feeding him for the last few years. Jaws is now an adult, has completely lost his fear of humans, and he’s a big old boy, making him a great threat to the humans who live near him. So, the American Crocodile Education Sanctuary stepped in a relocated the Jaws to a new home made especially for him in Sandhill. ACES' founder, Vince Rose, about how Jaws' story can serve as a lesson of what not to do when a crocodile lives near you...
Jaws joins dozens of other crocodile's in ACES' facility, which they have developed along with businessman, David Gegg.
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