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15 Year-old Raped After Blacking Out From Alcohol
Thu, February 16, 2017
There is a disturbing Valentine's rape case to report. A 15 year old girl was hanging out and drinking with 2 men at a house in Benque Viejo. The girl reported that she can't remember what happened after she took her first drink at 1030 in the morning. She only remembers being awakened by man who found her on the floor in the house at 7:30 that night. So, according to her report, she was blacked out pretty much all day. The girl was taken to the doctor and it was confirmed that she has been carnally known. Police gave us more details on this case.

Inspector Fitzroy Yearwood, Police Press Officer
"I received information, actually a report was made by a 15 year old, and she is saying that on Valentines day, she was in the company of two men. She did not indicate her age rage, sometime around 10am, in a house in Benque Viejo and she is saying that they were drinking and smoking cannabis and after taking her first drink, she felt dizzy. When she woke up again, it was like 7:30 in the evening when she was awoken by someone - another man, not any of the two that she was originally with and she is saying that she was carnally known. Doctor has certified since that yes, she was carnally known. So we are looking for these two people."

"She has somewhat describe them to investigators and we will see what we what we can do from there."

"Is she a high school student?"

Inspector Fitzroy Yearwood, Police Press Officer
"I cannot say if she is a student or not, because as I can recall, Tuesday at 10am, a 15 year old should be in school."

"How does police go about ascertaining what it was that may have put in her drink if that's what happened?"

Inspector Fitzroy Yearwood, Police Press Officer
"Well, she is saying that. That is yet to be ascertained and if so, we just want to put out a warning out there - maybe she was familiar with these guys and trusted them - i know in the past we have heard about date rapes and all sort of stuff, so our teenagers just have to be careful about the company that they keep and at the age of 15m she shouldn't be drinking in the first place and smoking marijuana. I mean that's adding 2 things that you shouldn't be doing."

Police are looking for these 2 men.

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