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Immigration Officers Refused To Follow Protocol?
Thu, February 16, 2017
We also have more from the testimony of Teresita Castellanos. you'll remember her as the former Finance Officer for the Department who held nothing back yesterday when she mauled the Immigration Officers. She described the Immigration Department as a place with "an entrenched culture of corruption and hustling". According to Castellanos, the officers behave like a fraternity, resisting order and transparency, and covering for each other.

So why does she have such a negative view of these public officers? Well, she said that she and the Former Acting Immigration Director, Maria Marin, tried to get them to follow the rules, and to do their jobs properly. But, according to her, nothing they did helped the situation; the officers did as they pleased. Here's how she outlined it to the Senators yesterday:

She has given them a huge volume of reports to review, and she will be called back, and she will take a few more questions on what those reports say.

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