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The Creek Should Be Race Ready
Thu, February 16, 2017
For the past week we've been telling you about the condition of the Haulover Creek - which is presently impassable due to growth and fallen trees. But the prognosis for clearing it has gone from hopeless to imminent. And that's because today the Forestry Department descended on the creek with 12 work men, in a pontoon, equipped with chain saws, machetes, and other tools. Two other pontoons are being built on site.

They expect to be able to clear out the creek in a few days, and it should be finished by this weekend, definitely in time for the closing stretch of the Ruta Maya in March. The race organizers have also expressed an interest in using the pontoons for the race day.

One beneficial effect of the project is that when the creek is cleared, it is expected to reduce siltation buildup in the Belize Harbor.

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