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Fire Department Says Candles May Be The Cause
Thu, March 16, 2017
Now the fire department has already ruled out any electrical problems as the cause of the fire but they are looking definitely looking at Berry's use of candles as one cause.

Benesford Matura, Operations Officer - BNFS
"Well I can say its not electrical and we also, the investigators, picked up that the neighbors say that she has that tendency of, although she has electricity, keep a candle lit. We are still out there investigating, but we are leaning towards that. But we just have to certify that that's what caused the fire."

"When fire officials got on the scene, were they able to ascertain whether the woman was still alive at that point in time?"

Benesford Matura, Operations Officer - BNFS
"No, by the time we arrived there she was already probably overcome by the smoke and passed away."

Berry had electricity.

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