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Disturbed Woman Found Without Explanation Or ID Deep Inside Price Barracks
Fri, March 17, 2017
Police and the BDF don't know what to make of a hispanic woman who was found wandering on Price Barracks early this morning at 6:20. She was deep within the compound in the BATSUB area and was dressed in evening wear. A female BATSUB officer found her and turned her over to the BDF. They took her to their medical center for an examination where she did not appeared to have been raped. But she was disoriented and seemed to be having some emotional disturbance. She ALSO had scratches on her hand. She had no ID and only said she was Honduran. The BDF put her on a holding cell they say for her own safety where she proceeded to break up the beds in a rage. After that they handed her over to Ladyville Police. The cops said she didn't want to cooperate and they called immigration to pick her up. The BDF says civilians are not allowed into their camp after 9:00 pm - and they stress she was found closer to the BATSUB area.
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