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Is H.E. Pat Calling It a Wrap?
Fri, March 17, 2017
Today, you saw Belize's Permanent Representative to the OAS, Pat Andrews appearing at the head table alongside Foreign Minister Elrington and Secretary General Almagro. Andrews pushed for Almagro to visit Belize after talks were held in Guatemala earlier this week. By all accounts, the former banker has done a stellar job after taking over from Nestor Mendez in July of 2015. But, reports say he isn't long for the job, and may opt to leave in July when his contract expires. Today Andrews told us that he's not there yet, but talks are ongoing:...

H.E. Pat Andrews, Belize Ambassador to OAS
"Regarding the question about my tenure in Washington, I am in negotiations with the government of Belize, but it's not official as yet and I really can't give you anything further than that and I do it purposely because I believe that we have lots of work ahead of us. I want to keep our embassy focused on what we are doing engaging with the OAS, engaging with state department. We are planning a trip with ministry later on for him to visit Washington."

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