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Guat Ambassador, Not Back
Fri, March 17, 2017
And while Andrews will have an orderly departure, we don't know what to make of the reported return of Guatemala's Ambassador to Belize, Manuel Estuardo Roldan Barillas, 11 months after he was "recalled for consultation" a widely circulated diplomatic note said he had returned to Belize eon March first. It was a signal that relations were normalizing, but it turned out to be a false signal. Here's how the Foreign Minister put it:..

Hon. Wilfred Elrington, Foreign Minister of Belize
"Uhm, the Guatemalan Foreign Minister is not back in the country, the Ambassador is not back in the country. He is not back in the country. We would wish for him to come back, we are hoping that he's gonna come back but he is not in the country."

"Sir please clarify for us what happened there with the Guatemalan Ambassador because there is a diplomatic note sent out to the diplomatic community here, and the foreign affairs ministry had also received a notification i am told."

Hon. Wilfred Elrington, Foreign Minister of Belize
"That note went out far and near, that note did go out far and near. We didn't send it out. I'm not sure who sent it out. I mean the suggestion is that it came from the Guatemalan embassy, but I do know that the ambassador is not here and I met with him two days ago when we were in Guatemala. He's not here."

When we called the embassy for Roldan on March first we were told that he was busy.

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