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Waitress Stoned Police Truck
Mon, March 20, 2017
19 year-old Jahsell Flores, a waitress from the Elements Night Club is at home tonight after dodging jail time for stoning one of the Police Department's New Isuzu D-Max pickups, breaking the windshield.

It happened on Saturday at around 3:18 in the morning. Flores claimed that she was attacked by 2 women while she was at work. She said that one of her attackers threw a pint bottle at her, which she picked up and threw back at the women. It missed, and ended up breaking one of the windows on the D-Max, and so police charged her for damage to property.

She was arraigned today, and the police say that the cost to fix the vehicle is $231 dollars. She pleaded guilty and explained what happened, telling the court of the fight, and of the fact that she was under the influence of alcohol at the time. She told the court that she was sorry for what she did, but Senior Magistrate Sharon Frazer was not particularly convinced of her remorse.

She gave Flores a suspended sentence of 3 months in prison, which means that she must stay out of trouble for an entire year. If she can't do that, she will be sent to jail to serve the 3 months. She was also ordered to pay compensation of $231.

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