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Cabbie Cut Up and Carjacked
Wed, April 19, 2017

Last night in Belize City, a 57 year old taxi man was held up at knife-point, injured and robbed of his vehicle. 

At 8:20, Ernesto Robinson was driving his taxi on Western Avenue when he was stopped by a man on the corner of Ordonez Avenue. The man cut him several times and drove off. 

Police set chase down the western highway where they found the vehicle overturned on the side of the road just before Mile 14.  It was heavily damaged with multiple blown out tires. Commander of the Southside Police, ACP Chester Williams has more details...

ACP Chester Williams - OC, Eastern Division South
"Mr. Robinson was driving his vehicle, a car taxi car on Ordonez Avenue near its intersection with Western Avenue when he was stopped by a lone person. The person entered the vehicle and attacked him with a knife; he was cut to the throat and the face. The person then took the car and managed to escape. The police quickly responded and pursued the vehicle and the vehicle overturned between Mile 13 and 14 on the George Price Highway. Police searched the immediate area and they found the culprit and he is currently in custody, I will not say his name because we still need to do identification parade. He is in custody and hopefully between today and tomorrow he should be charged for the robbery against Mr. Robinson."

Daniel Ortiz
"Can you share with us the level of injury that Mr. Robinson suffered? You said he got a cut to the throat and to the face, were these life threatening in any kind of way?"

ACP Chester Williams
"No from the medical examination we were told that he was only admitted for observation, the injuries were not serious."

Daniel Ortiz
"Can you share with us the surety which you all believe that this man is indeed the culprit?"

ACP Chester Williams
"I will not go into that but we are sure that he is the culprit."

So far one San Ignacio resident has been detained.

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