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Accident Outside Port of Belize
Wed, April 19, 2017

Today multiple people were injured outside the Port of Belize as a driver lost control of a pickup truck and crashed into several barricades and at least one other vehicle. According to reports, the driver of the vehicle was sickly, and may have blacked out while driving, causing the vehicle to swerve into the side of the road. We spoke to Emmett Richardson, who barely managed to get out of the way before the truck hit his vehicle...

Emmett Richardson - Food Vendor
"At the time I was selling a woman a food and the lady name Martha right from one of the port security. My back turn to the barriers and fi she back turn, so when I the sell she the food I ask ah if she want juice, so she said alright she want the juice but by the time I say the juice I see the barriers the move but I no the look because I say maybe da somebody just the move the barrier but when I hear the barrier slip then I look. When I look I see the pickup and the guy I know the guy in the pickup, I see he just the come so I say to myself man a kill me now right. I continue just carry the barrier, knock the pickup, knock my van, the van knock a next bally whe mi deh front, he just continue shove the barrier and gone. So I kind of jump back and I no see which part Ms. Martha get to right but when I look so now, I see a man lie down there too, a friend that I know from back ya too and the pickup continue to swag until ih gone so right."

Alex Courtenay
"So sir the pickup it didn't come back or anything like that?"

Emmett Richardson
"Well the guy stops, somewhere up yonda he stop then everybody start to come around and I guess because he mi get blackout, I guess that da whe catch ah because I know he sickly right."

Alex Courtenay
"So you know the driver of the pickup is then?"

Emmett Richardson
"Yeah I know ah good because da somebody whe deh back ya every day, every day I see ah and da one of my friend too right but I guess he no business fi drive because he have a guy whe drive for ah and I guess the bally mussi gone and he must decide that if he good enough to maybe move the pickup but da just like that he mussi get his blackout same time and that da whe really happen."

So far no official police report has been released, but at least two people were injured in the accident. We'll have more tomorrow.

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