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Yabra Canal Coming Along
Wed, April 19, 2017

Now while the city council is helping out Monkey River residents, they certainly haven't forgotten about the residents in the Yabra area. Those in the community especially the fishermen are struggling to get by with all that silt that has clogged up the canal, and the recent rain isn't helping the situation one bit. Phillip Willoubhy says the council is working on the best plan to deal with this problem.

Phillip Willoughby - City Councillor
"The project is still fluid, it's still ongoing. Unfortunately the rains came, we never before has nature been unkind to us in this manner so early in approaching June. I can't recall whenever we had the rains but we hope that we can clear up that matter and then proceed forward because we still have the silt built up in the canals. Unfortunately the rains came but we have to deal with that and that won't stop the project from going forward. We still have to clean the canals with the silt build up; we know that with the rains additional silt will come down through the river as anyway and when the rain stop then we still has the situation to contend with. So it's still fluid, it's still ongoing, we have the reports, we are putting the figures together to see what it will cost us based on what doe has calculated and we go from there."

The council continues to monitor this silt situation.

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