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Fake Cops Charged
Thu, April 20, 2017
Last night we told you about the fake cops who were caught by the real police at Public's Supermarket on the Northern Highway. Tonight, we can show you both their pictures and share their names. They are Belize City residents 22-year-old Dorian Blair of a Gibnut Street address and 39-year-old Barrington Slusher of a Brown Street address. Yesterday afternoon, the real police from precinct four saw them standing near the door at Public's wearing khaki shirts with silver buttons, blue pants with the customary green streak on the sides and looking almost like real police. Police say the carried a black bag with 10 plastic straps. They have since been charged for making a "False Pretense of a Police Officer". In a striking coincidence, we note that Blair was charged for the exact same offense exactly a year ago on April 21st of 2016. It's still unclear what the pair were planning to do all dressed up like cops in Public's yesterday. But, if Blair's past history of charges is any indication, they were up to no good. He was charged for armed robbery in November of 2016.
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