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Tourist Raped At a San Pedro Hotel By a Local Man Who The Family Trusted
Thu, April 20, 2017
Earlier this week we told you about the 17 year old who was raped on San Pedro. 39 year old Eldon Williams was charged, and has been remanded to prison. Police say that it happened early on Easter Sunday morning when he took advantage of the sleeping teenager. But what they didn't say was that the teenaged victim was a US tourist - and that the alleged rape happened at a downtown hotel. 7news has learned that Williams was a friend of the family and they spent the day with him, and then allowed him to sleep in one of the bedrooms. From there he slipped out to the living room where the 17 year old was sleeping outside on the couch and allegedly raped her. She told police that she woke up and to find Williams on top of her. A medical examination confirmed that she was raped. Williams was caught by a security guard as he allegedly tried to flee the hotel compound. The victim's family was forced to leave the country immediately and have returned to California. But, they have indicated that they will make sure they are here to testify when the case goes to trial.
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