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The Grapes Of Wrath Make A Sour Wine In Beauty Pageant Industry
Thu, April 20, 2017
Last night we told you about the five piece article penned by Tony Rath - who is Miss Belize, Rebecca Rath's father. Rath who is a celebrated photographer had some sharp criticisms for the Pageant Director Opal Enriquez. He accused her of being manipulative, not living up to financial commitments, and undermining Rebecca Rath at the Miss Universe Pageant in the Philippines. But he had praise for Sherima Guity - herself a former Stann Creek Beauty Queen who got Rebecca to run for Ms. Belize, and provided her pageant training. Rath praised Guity for her hard, committed work with Rebecca. But today, in. a Facebook post, Guity had no praise for him. She says his article is quote, "degrading and very disappointing, and that she, quote, "refuses to be associated with the tarnishing of anyone's career." That's a reference to Opal Enriquez who Rath described as, quote, "appalling, narcissistic and bizarre". But, Guity says quote, "Together as a country, we should say "thank you" to Opal Enriquez." Guity notes that Rebecca and Opal clashed from the beginning of her journey to become Miss Belize and adds, quote, "her mother and father did NOT make it any easier." She later describes the couple as "pig-headed". Guity makes a number of criticisms of the Rath's and concludes, quote, "I feel that our Belizean public has been manipulated by Rebecca and her family."
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