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11 Bullets For Belize Bank/Matalon
Wed, May 17, 2017
The Matalon Building on Coney Drive is one of the most impressive in Belize, but last night, the Belize Bank Section was riddled with bullet holes. As many as 13 shots were fired, and 11 hit the first two floors of the building - which are owned and operated by the Belize Bank. It happened around 10:00 pm, when security cameras picked up a car passing by, which then spun back unto Sun Dial Avenue - which is across from the structure. A man walked out of the car and basically emptied a clip on the Bank's two floors. And while several panes of the glass exterior were damaged, it's all hurricane resistant tempted glass, so they didn't shatter. And we are told that the 11 bullets which did hit the building got no further than the blinds. Additionally, insurance will cover costs for all the replacements. The building has high intensity zoom security cameras on all corners of roof - and we are told they did get footage of the car which police are reviewing.
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