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Crocodile Safely Relocated
Wed, May 17, 2017
In Mid March we reported on the 10 foot crocodile that was safely removed from the canal in the Belama Phase 2 area. Well recently, the Belize Zoo along with the Crocodile Research Coalition also safely moved one from the Fein Catch Tilapia Farm on the Coastal road and released the croc in the Cox Lagoon at Mile 25 on the George Price Highway. It's a 5 foot Morelet's Crocodile. Here is a bit more about the rescue.
Now it was a happy ending for both the Tilapia farm owners and the crocodile , but that's not always the case specifically the crocs. In many instances people shoot the crocodiles, tape their mouths shut so they starve to death, among other unwarranted cruelties. Well the Belize Zoo is urging residents not to harm these animals. Yes , they are scary to have roaming around but instead of killing them, you can call the croc experts to safely take them to another area . The Belize Zoo hopes to educate the public more on World Croc Day on June 17th at the Zoo. Everyone is invited.
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