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Karim Gets Off, Micah Never Showed Up
Thu, May 18, 2017
He's a loyal PUP, but Karim Adle Sr. was accused of choking a fellow party member at the bitterly contested Belize Youth Movement election in November of last year.

Now, the 55 year old Adle is no youth, but his son, Karim Jr was vying for the presidency, and when the votes didn't go their way, Karim Sr. allegedly turned on Micah Goodin - who was supporting the other candidate.

Goodin made a complaint saying that Karim Sr. walked up to him, pushed him in the chest, pinned him against the wall, and put him in a chokehold. Adle was charged for common assault.

But, when the case came to court for trial today, Goodin didn't even appear, and the case crumbled on its own. Prosecutor Christopher Smith informed Senior Magistrate, Sharon Fraser that he had copies of the statements but none of them were signed. He didn't have the originals with signatures. With that, Adle's attorney Michel Chebat asked the court to strike out the case for want of prosecution. Senior Magistrate Fraser agreed and struck out the matter setting Karim Adle Sr., free of the charge of common assault.

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