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The Mystery of Isau Perez’s Murder
Fri, October 6, 2017
Belmopan Police don't have much information on the murder of 33 year old Isau Perez. As we told you, Perez's body was found floating in the Roaring Creek River yesterday morning around 8:00. The post mortem shows that Perez was stabbed to death and dumped in the river. I went to Cotton Tree to speak with his family today and they are as puzzled as anyone else as to the motive of his killing. Here is that story.

Jaime Perez, Brother
"The last time I saw my little brother is when I came to the wake of his mother which is my step mother that was the 12th of September."

From one heartbreak to the next. 23 days after his mother's death, Isau Perez's body was found in the Roaring Creek River yesterday morning around 8:00. Perez had been stabbed to the chest and throat and dumped in the river.

John Carr, Banana Bank Owner (FILE)
"They brought a boat and went about a mile upstream. The body was in the center of the current moving rapidly."

Not too long after, the family was called out to identify him.

Elma Perez, Sister
"He didn't have a hand so they told me just two persons are without hand so they came told me if I could come and recognize."

Courtney Weatherburne, reporter
"I am sure that was so very difficult to see your brother like that."

Elma Perez, Sister
"Yes it was so hard because, I don't have word to say but uhm…It was hard because it is a different thing to see a person dead like natural body than like how he was."

Today Perez's family went looking for answers at the Roaring Creek police station. They say they don't know who or why anyone would want to kill Perez - although Perez had admitted that his life was in danger.

Coutrney Weatherburne
"Did he ever tell you that he had any problems or trouble with anybody?"

Jaime Perez
"Uhm, basically he was always, when he had issues like that he come to me but as older brother he just told me "I had little problems" but he never told me that this is the person or this is that or..."

Courtney Weatherburne
"He didn't go into detail as to what the problem was about or with whom?"

Jaime Perez
"Actually, sometimes when he come home and we have dinner together and we have conversations together he will say I will be dead soon and somebody is going to kill me."

Courtney Weatherburne
"He said that to you?"

Jaime Perez
"Yes several times you know but he never told me this is the person or this or that you know."

Another element in this case that they are trying to figure out is when Perez went missing.

Jaime Perez, Brother
"He and his common law wife been separating off and on, off and on, you know, so we still have to do some investigation because she did NOT report to the family as saying okay he never come home such a day and then to the minute we found out he is dead so we will do a lot of investigation about that."

But wherever the investigation leads, this family has to carry on with the good memories they have of him - it's all they can do now.

Jaime Perez, Brother
"We have a good time, sometimes we take a little drink together we play football together sometimes and you know we have a good time, of course I am going to miss my little brother but it's one of those things that it really hurts."

He leaves behind 4 children. When we spoke with the family before news time they told us that police are still trying to piece together the elements in this case.

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