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Community Cops in Placencia Accused of Deviant Behavior
Mon, November 13, 2017
There are two very disturbing cases of alleged sex crimes coming out of the Stann Creek District tonight - and both involve police grossly abusing their power.

The first is in Placencia where 7News has confirmed that there is a report alleging very deviant behavior by community police officers. A group of officers took the police cadets - all boys - out on a camping trip this weekend. 7News has learned that multiple children have alleged irregularities and deviant behaviour. They claim that while there one of the community police officers forced young male cadets into taking nude pictures for him. Second, they also allege that the community police officers charged the boys a quarter for water and a dollar to use the bathroom. The water was provided to the police for free.

Multiple gross abuses, and the complaint has been forwarded to the Professional Standard branch which is investigating. To be sure, it's a very disturbing story - but not much else is known at this point. We will keep following it very closely over the coming days.

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