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Man Shot By Cops Died Of Asphyxiation
Wed, December 6, 2017
Three villagers will be charged for starting that tyre-fire in the Arizona area of Teakettle Village yesterday.

23 year old farmer Mervin Corea, 55 year old Salvadoran mechanic Plines Gutierrez, and 22 year old domestic Guadalupe Guerra, all Teakettle villagers will be charged for illegal assembly.

They will appear in court tomorrow - and got station bail today. That is all except Plines Gutierrez who can't be bailed because he is charged with illegal entry.

Police believe the trio collaborated to set the tyre fire with the inscription "we want justice" on the road to the ATM caves. The tyre fire was set to protest the death of 20 year old villager Edwin Antonio Baires Hernandez - who was chased and shot by police.

Now, there's a peculiar twist in the story tonight which throws everything into a new light. The villagers protested because they felt police were trying to cover up the cause of death - when the cops said in a press briefing that Baires Hernandez was shot once to the knee. The villagers heard three shots - and no one saw how a shot to the knee could have killed him. Our police information said that he was shot to the leg, not the knee and that it ruptured an artery, causing his death. Well, both those conclusions are very wrong, according to the forensic pathologist. His post mortem examination concluded that Baires Hernandez died of Asphyxiation by bronchial aspiration due to stomach contents as a consequence of gun shot to the right thigh. Simply put, he choked while he was running from police after they shot him in the leg while he had with food in his mouth. It's an unusual demise, but the doctor confirmed that he had food blocking his windpipe.

But, as for the gunshot wound itself? The doctor said that was a minor injury. It is still a matter for investigators whether police caused his death by chasing and shooting him while he had food in his mouth. Police have said the shooting was accidental.

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