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Senate Hearings Finish, No Sorrow In “Sayonara”
Wed, December 6, 2017
Tonight, after 13 months of public hearings, the Senate probe into the Immigration Department is done. The Special Select Committee heard from their last witness today in Belmopan. That was Auditor General, Dorothy Bradley - in her second appearance.

Last year, when her audit report was made public, Bradley took a thrashing from many within the ruling UDP who took great exception to her findings, which found systematic violations of Immigration procedures and widespread political influence, suggesting the work of a money making enterprise. Well, after hundreds of hours of testimony, the Senate Committee and the viewing public, have combed through the entire report and ventilated all her explosive findings.

Her work has pretty much withstood some of the toughest scrutiny, and so today, when she finished testifying in the 41st session, we asked her if she feels vindicated by the resulting push to have these hearings:

Daniel Ortiz - Reporter
"Are you vindicated in the revelations that have come out of the Senate hearings?"

Dorothy Bradley, Auditor General
"I would not call it vindicated because I never felt that way. We did an audit, we made a presentation and once it reached this committee I felt that we were making progress. It took a year, they met with different people, got the information they needed and I am very satisfied that we are at this point."

Daniel Ortiz
"Given the interest that the public has kept over those months, are you satisfied that the Belizean people were keeping themselves informed as to what was taking place in these hearings?"

Dorothy Bradley, Auditor General
"I was very impressed and I encourage people to continue because if we have a watchdog for the country, I call the people of Belize the watchdog, they must be vigilant because out of that we see what happens, we saw what happened. So, I continue to encourage people to do that. It is the right thing."

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