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Robbers Steal Big Money, Then Caught By Cops, One Escapes
Wed, December 6, 2017
There was a small burst of terror as gunshots were reportedly heard on the southside of the city this morning. Here's the police account. It happened around 10:45 when four men pounced on a businesswoman in Fuller's Alley who had just received some money - reportedly a few thousand dollars in cash. They jumped her in her apartment, and left her with a cut above her eye before they sped off with the cash. Police responded to a report and say they caught up with the suspects on Tigris Street - which is about half a mile west of where the robbery happened.

Police say that while searching the vehicle one of the men escaped and scaled a zinc fence where he cut his arm. We saw evidence of blood on a nearby fence on Euphrates Avenue, and cloths that the injured person had tried to use as a tourniquet to stop the bleeding. But we also saw expended shells in that same area - and residents told us that they heard gunshots. Police have no details on that and had no answers for us when we asked about the expended shells we saw. We did find a scenes of crime vehicle which stayed in the area for over an hour, while police locked down the block, suggesting to us that they were looking for someone.

Three persons are currently detained and we'll keep following the story.

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