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Territorial Bird Watching
Wed, December 6, 2017
And the BPP Deputy Leader Will Maheia will also field a full slate in Punta Gorda. But today Maheia was talking about his work as a Belize Territorial Volunteer. Yesterday morning they had an incident free trip to Sarstoon Island. He said they went bird watching with the Belize Bird Conservancy:

Wil Maheia, Deputy Leader - BPP
"Yesterday, the Belize Territorial Volunteers for the very first time made a trip to Sarstoon Island and basically, physically went onto the island and hike the island and did a bird inventory along with the Belize Birding Conservancy and we spent a total of 88 minutes on the island, which is probably longer than the Coast Guard when the Guatemalans came to move them from the island. But I mean to be fair that we got there early, so I don't even think the Guatemalan Armed Forces knew that we were coming."

Roni Martinez, Birder
"We recorded over 50 species on the island, several endangered species, actually, some North American migrants like the Wood Thrush, Prothonotary Warbler, and several other really good species around. We also observed the lots of fishermen coming in on both sides of the island, which is kind of worrying, and we try to focus on the birds but it is hard to ignore what was going on around the island."

Wil Maheia, Deputy Leader - BPP
"We got there just as the sun was rising. We left Punta Gorda in the dark, because it was birders and of you know birders, the early bird catches the worm and they wanted to really get a good solid scientific count and that was the reason why we left so early."

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