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What About The Lands Audit?
Wed, December 6, 2017
Earlier in the news, we showed you our interview with Auditor General Dorothy Bradley after she finished testifying at the end of the Senate Hearings on Immigration. But more than just immigration, we asked the Auditor General about the her Audit into the compensations at the Lands Department. You'll remember that the Prime Minister first revealed back in October of last year that the audit was being conducted after the lands compensation scandal broke. That's the one where Gaspar Vega resigned from the Cabinet after it was revealed that his son, Andre Vega, and Sharon Pitts, each got a questionable payout of 400 thousand dollars.

So, the audit was requested to look into just who got compensated, for how much, and who gave the order. That was over a year ago, and so we asked the Auditor General if her office is anywhere close to completing that audit:

Daniel Ortiz, reporter
"We are told an audit being done by your office into the land compensations. How far are you and your team on that particular exercise?"

Dorothy Bradley, Auditor General
"I know it's a matter of public interest, but I need to honest, with this process we have learnt a lot and so an audit report will not be out there if we don't have all the evidence we need and we have not gathered what we needed over the whole scope and so we are working on that."

Daniel Ortiz, reporter
"Is there any sort of timeline when your office may be completing its work? How far along are you?"

Dorothy Bradley, Auditor General
"I would not be able to say at this point definitively, because the officer who is assigned was instructed to go back and find to get additional information and so he is in that process."

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