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Cruise Lines For Christmas
Wed, December 6, 2017
And keeping it on tourism, today the Florida Caribbean Cruise Association held its annual Christmas party for deserving children. We were there to find out what was in store for this year's version of the annual event:..

Maria Guerra, Cruise Coordinator - BTB
"Well, this year we are having our 14th annual Holiday Gift Project. It is the Belize Tourism Board in collaboration with FCCA, the Florida Caribbean Cruise Association. We work together with the Carnival Cruise Line, and we are here to have the Holiday Gift Project for 200 children from Belize City."

David Ollech, Entertainment Director- Carnival Cruise Line
"We are very happy to contribute our crew members and our time and some wonderful gifts for all the children here. So we've got 25 crew members, some from the entertainment department, from housekeeping, from other departments on the ship, and they've all offered there time to come here, have a great time with the kids and hopefully bring a little Christmas cheer to their day."

Maria Guerra, Cruise Coordinator - BTB
"These children will all be getting a gift. They will be entertained by Ozzy and the face painter. We have the crew from the ship where they will issue a toy to every child, children ages from 5 to 10 years old."

David Ollech, Entertainment Director- Carnival Cruise Line
"I think one of the things that is really important to the FCCA and the Carnival Cruise Line as well, is to give back to the communities that support us. The folks here they welcome millions of our guests each and every day, every year, and so at this time of the year it's really important for us to give back."

After the party, the kids got to cruise the city like tourists in the Calypso train.

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