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Pregnant Guatemalan National Allegedly Caught With Fraudulent Birth Paper
Fri, January 12, 2018
Reliable reports reaching 7News tonight is that a 26 year-old Guatemalan woman is in police detention at the San Ignacio Police Sub-station. That's after she was allegedly busted with what is believed to be a fraudulent Belizean birth certificate.

Our information is that the lady, who's name we cannot reveal because she hasn't been criminally charged, went to the Santa Elena Social Security Branch today. She was trying to apply for a Belizean Social Security Card, but when she presented the birth certificate, as part of the process, it was flagged. The on-duty Social Security Board employee inspected it, and determined that it was not authentic.

The police were called in, and she was detained. a check with the Vital Statistics Office says that this birth certificate was supposedly issued in error. They later found a Guatemalan passport in her possession.

So, there are eyebrows raised about what exactly "issued in error" means. But, there is also political intrigue to the story. UDP Chairman, Alberto August told us that he received reports that PUP's Michel Chebat, and other politicians were supposedly trying to use their influence to get the cops to charge this woman and grant her police bail.

This evening, Chebat spoke with us via telephone to say that this is the furthest thing from the truth. He said that he was acting as her attorney, and he was called in by his client to act on her behalf. He said that he only inquired of the Commanding Officer what will take place, and that if he could take into consideration that she is an 8-month pregnant wife.

He says that he, like his client, is waiting waiting to see if and when police will charge her with any offense.

He tells us that she is married to a Belizean, and lives in Santa Elena. So, from his perspective, she is not a flight risk.

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