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Accused Gunmen Tried To Get Bail
Fri, January 12, 2018
On Tuesday, we told you about the arrest and arraignment of 24 year-old Reese Fitzgibbon, and 20 year-old Jason Anderson. Police say that they were gunmen who shot 54 year-old Steve Findley, and 30 year-old Tyron "Beans" Barcelona.

Well today, their attorney, Oscar Selgado, tried to get them Supreme Court bail. He presented his grounds for the application today, and after the court heard from the Senior Crown Counsel Sheneiza Smith, Justice Moore made a ruling.

Since there were no objections on Anderson's case, Justice Antoinette Moore granted him bail of $10,000. It came with the conditions that Anderson must report to the police station once a week; he must attend all adjournments of his case; and he must not interfere with the prosecution's witnesses.

In Reese Fitzgibbon's case, however, the court could not grant him bail, after a check of their records revealed that he was already out on bail. He's facing previous charges in connection with unlicensed firearm and ammunition, and one of the conditions of that bail was that he wasn't supposed to be charged with anything new. So, with that, the court confiscated the previous bail, and remanded him back to prison.

According to Police, on Saturday, January 6, the victims, Steve Findley and Tyron "Beans" Barcelona, were doing mechanic work on a vehicle that was on Iguana Street. That's a black vehicle drove up and opened fire on both men injuring them.

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