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Novelo’s, The Comeback
posted (January 20, 2011)
And while the redemption of Derrick Pitts is one thing, it may not be quite as inspiring to hear about the resumption of services for one of those Novelo bus companies.

But it's news none the less that from the ashes of National's receivership, Belize In transit Services Limited has started the trial runs of its new service the Arrow Line. The new line is offering a non-stop premium service at the cost of two dollars from Westlandivar to the Downtown Area. Phillip Jones, PR Manager of the Arrow Line told us more:

Phillip Jones: PR Manager, Arrow Line
"Being true to the fact since we had establish Belize in transit from 1978, they have not been such a service and we had have customers calling in and requesting AC service, so we have put into effect, we had start last week Monday we had put it on a trial basis and we just like to urge the customer, it's not a price hike it's just that it's a different service it's a air condition service it will stop less it will get you from point A to point B much faster and we would like to encourage the general public support this service and if it is successful we plan to roll over this service in the other City to different areas."

Andrea Polanco
"What are some of the areas it's being operated in right now?"

Phillip Jones: PR Manager, Arrow Line
"Presently we have started only presently in the West Landivar area, due to the fact that it has a higher concentration it works for us, you pass the Karl Heusner you have the School zone and facilities West Landivar, Central American Boulevard and downtown, presently."

The Express Van Service will be carried out in the 25-passenger Coaster vans.

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