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BAHA Says It Was Tricked Into Allowing Importation Of GMO's
posted (October 14, 2011)
One week ago, the controversial GMO corn seeds were destroyed at Central Farm. And today, the Belize Agricultural Health Authority, BAHA spoke out on the issue. It says it applauds the decision to destroy the corn seeds.

Quite remarkably, it adds that BAHA was basically tricked into allowing the importation of the seeds by quote, "what it presumed to be a very credible source".

That source told BAHA, falsely, that Cabinet had decided that a permit should be issued for two GMO trials to be conducted in Belize. And so BAHA allowed the importation of the seeds under special conditions.

But some say those conditions were ignored, and based on unconfirmed reports of supposedly illegally planted GMO corn, BAHA will be collecting samples from suspect corn fields for testing at a reference laboratory outside of Belize.

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