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Bail for Alleged Drug Trafficking Couple
posted (November 11, 2011)
Last night we told you about Caryl Meighan - who is a Belize Waste Control Supervisor - and his girlfriend 39 year old Debbie Myvette - a housing and Planning Supervisor who were charged with drug trafficking. The Gang Suppression Unit searched their home - and even broke open a sewer pipe when they heard a flushing sound. Inside the pipe, they found 3.7 grammes of cocaine. Today the couple were taken to Magistrate's court where they were charged with drug trafficking and possession of controlled drugs for another .4 (point-four) grams of cocaine.

They both pleaded not guilty to the charges. The prosecutor objected to bail on that grounds that it was Myvett's second offence for drug trafficking and the case is pending trial.

But their attorney, Ellis Arnold responded by arguing that bail can be granted for the offences and the major concern is whether the accused persons will show up for trial.

Senior Magistrate Sharon Fraser agreed and offered each of them bail of six thousand dollars which they met. They will return to court in January of 2012.

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