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PUP Says Saldivar Must Leave Cabinet
posted (October 19, 2016)

Of course, there could be even more changes ahead pending the finding of a legal opinion that the Prime Minister has sought on the situation with Defence Minister John Saldivar.  He's on a week's leave of absence right now after it was revealed that he and accused murderer William Danny Mason were named shareholders in a company in August 2015. The Prime Minister says the legal opinion is to determine whether the steps he took to sever the business relationship were enough.  Opposition leader John Briceno says the Prime Minister doesn't need any legal opinion, he just need to follow his own advice:..

Hon. John Briceno - PUP Party Leader
"Well I think that John Saldivar is in quite a pickle and why so I say that? Well because the prime minister has said that if evidence were to ever surface that John Saldivar is in business with Mr. Mason that he would fire John Saldivar from the Cabinet. Now a document have surfaced showing - company documents that Mr. Saldivar was in business with Mr. Mason, that Mr. Mason owned 30% of the Bandits football team. Mr. Saldivar now quickly took out a release and probably he was not properly advised because in that release now he is saying that yes I may have this thing with this man and yes he gave me 50 thousand; we don't know if it is 50 thousand Belize or 50 thousand US. He said then but I set up another company so I move the football team from this company to the next company. Now if that was the case any business that's worth its salt would tell you that is illegal, that is fraud. So it is one of two choices, one of two things: Either Mr. Saldivar was in business with Mr. Mason or he committed fraud. I don't know he needs to answer that and we need to hold the prime minister to his word that if evidence were to come out that John Saldivar was a business partner with Mr. Mason that he would be fired. Now I don't want to hear about no suspension for one week, first of all I don't think there is any such thing as a suspension for a minister. You are either a minister or you are fired and you are not a minister like what happened with Mr. Vega, so what they will cut his salary for one week? Will he have to park his vehicle and his driver and all those things during this suspension? I don't think so. We want nothing short of firing John Saldivar."

Saldivar has sent out a statement saying that "he disassociated himself from Mr. Mason around the end of September, 2015…and that the company is defunct. He says the company registered with Mr. Mason never officially functioned and the remaining 9,990 shares were never distributed because Saldivar changed his mind about his partnership with Mason.

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