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A Series Of Shootings In South
posted (March 13, 2017)
Police are reporting that there were 2 shootings in the Toledo District.

The first one happened on Saturday, sometime around 5:30 p.m. in San Antonio Village. 23 year-old Crispino Bolon was in the company of another man, and they were socializing under a bus shed. That's when another man, known to Bolon, showed up, and they got into an argument. Police reports say that this man pulled out a 9mm pistol and shot him in the chest. He was rushed to the Punta Gorda Hospital where he is receiving medical treatment.

The other incident happened about 5 hours later in the village of San Pedro Colombia Village, where police found 2 men with gunshot injuries. Those victims were 21 Melvin Hernandez who was suffering from 4 pellet wounds to the neck, and 3 pellet wounds to the right shoulder. 24 year-old Benjamin Trapp was suffering from 1 pellet wound to the neck, 1 to the right arm, 1 to the right leg, and 1 to the right side of his buttocks.

Initial investigations are that both men were socializing with others at the Colombiana Bar when someone came up from behind and fired a single gunshot, causing their injuries.

Police are investigating both incidents.

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