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Brother Chopped Up Sister In Front Of Her Son; Shes Dead, Hes At Large
posted (March 20, 2017)
Last night a 29 year old mother was viciously chopped up by her own brother - and she died from her injuries this morning. After work on Sunday night at 6:00, Juliane Burke stopped by her home, and picked up her 6 year old son. She was about to take him for a walk, when she was ambushed by her brother, Elijiah Burke, who was reportedly hiding underneath a 'crocus' bag in her back yard. Burke chopped her several times, chasing Juliane and her young son out on the street. When she fell in a drain, he went after her with no mercy - all this happening within view of her son.

Hearing the cries for help from Juliane and her son, her neighbors ran to assist, and called the police, but Burke fled the scene before they showed up. Juliane was rushed to the hospital where she succumbed to her injuries late this morning.

Her husband, David Funes was out of town during the brutal incident, but he told us the story he got from his now traumatized stepson...

David Funes, Husband of the Deceased
"An emergency popped up, so I regret I had to go that side and my neighbor I took him too because we works with me and about 6:30 I actually hug her right there, kiss her, told her I'll be back. The funny part was I guess that was the goodbye"

"I hugged her and kissed her and then I went and by 6:30 the bad news came, because bad news do fly fast. They told me, someone had cut her and she was critical. Then someone from the hospital called me, telling me the same thing. I thought it was a joke from the beginning, but it was not. The part is that it's her own brother that did it. I could understand if it was an affair with another guy, but her own flesh and blood did it, for over some stupid paperwork. Not even money or something huge."

Alex Courtenay, 7News
"You said that it's her own brother that did this very terrible thing. Do you know anything about what his motives might be?"

David Funes, Husband of the Deceased
"The motives were actually stupid. He believe in the crap called "obeah" and he believed that I guess my wife was "obeah-ing" him. I don't know why for what reason, because I've been with her almost 4 years now and she don't practice that nonsense because we don't believe in that. It was just issues I guess and they had a little argument at her big sister's place and I guess that's how it started. It wasn't over for him, it was over probably for her, because she called me and told me she was going to take a walk with her son (my stepson) and I told her to go ahead, "I'm here at the company working, I'll be late, but I'll be with you.""

"I hope that people that knows me hope that they can feel me, because they know I don't mess around, but this is hurting."

Elijiah Burke is currently wanted by police for the murder of his sister. Anyone with any information about his whereabouts is encouraged to contact Sgt. Castillo at CIB in Precinct 3.

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