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Bringing The Love Of Baseball
posted (January 12, 2018)
Baseball is a sport that is watched by many Belizeans. In fact the world series is something that is always highly anticipated, but the sport is played by few here. Well, it seems like that may change very soon. This weekend baseball camps will be held by professionals from the United States. They dropped by our studio today to tell us more about it:

Aaron Gayle, Cincinnati Spikes Baseball Team Coach
"So basically we have realized there is an interest in Baseball here in Belize so we want to introduce baseball back into Belize so this weekend we are hosting some clinics to get some people reintroduced back into it and reignite the passion for the game again."

Sahar Vasquez, reporter
"So it is lessons for Belizeans on how to play baseball?"

Andrew Hammond, Sports Reach Associate Director
"Yes, tomorrow from 2 - 5 at ITVET we will have a coaching clinic so anyone interested in coaching baseball. We will have Jimmy Gonzalez from the Class A Southside Cubs Organization and Aaron will be conducting baseball coaching clinics and then on Sunday also at ITVET from 2 to 5 we will have to kids out for camps. Monday to Tuesday we will be at two different location from 3:30 to 5:30. At Roger Stadium and ITVET doing clinics for the kids."

Derrick Jones, Belizean Baseball Coach
"This is the starting of it. This is where we hit the grass and hit the ground running. The programs we are trying to get in place is starting to teach them the right way from this age and when they are this young to have them learn the fundamentals, mechanics, and everything that they will need to help them along the lines if that is something they want to do in their future so that they have the necessary skill set they need to at least have an opportunity. Basically, that is on the ground of what we are trying to get done."

Aaron Gayle, Cincinnati Spikes Baseball Team Coach
"Baseball is a great learning tool for life. There are so many life lessons that you can get from baseball. Coming to practice every day, the teammate aspect of it and how you handle winning for losing as a team. Then you have your leadership aspects. Everybody is going to be called to do something at some point in the game so it is a great opportunity for everyone playing to develop leadership skills. Time Management skills on top of that as well so there are so many different aspects of life that you can learn from baseball."

The camp is open to anyone who wants to participate.

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