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McAfee, the Generous, Pray For Us
posted (November 9, 2012)
You may remember John McAfee - he's the American who was in the news in May when the GSU raided his compound in Orange Walk and found lots of guns.

Since then, he's made enormous claims in the local and international media. These include various threats supposedly made against him by police and other nefarious forces.

So imagine our surprise today when we saw in the San Pedro sun that Mcafee made a lavish donation to police in that island town yesterday.

The Sun reports that McAfee donated 40 Stun guns, 7 SWAT batons, Professional SWAT batons, 2 Security Pro batons, 60 assorted brands and types of pepper spray, 46 assorted heavy duty metal handcuffs, 12 Premium Led flashlights, 7 streetwise metal detectors, 5 High Sierra brand hydration backpacks and a battery charger amongst an arsenal of equipment.

He also handed over a small vessel with engine to the San Pedro Police. The donation comes out of a public meeting on crime held last week in San Pedro. Mayor Daniel Guerrero explained that after the meeting McAfee reached out with an offer of equipment as well as use of his boat, and apartments on northern Ambergris Caye.

An article on McAfee which was published yesterday in the US writes of him walking around with a holstered gun on his compound in san Pedro - and stating that he can't leave his home after dark.

He is also quoted as saying that "Almost everybody (in Belize) has gone through periods of starvation. You won't find a single person who has not at one point lost their hair. This is a sign of advanced malnutrition."

For balance, the writer Jeff Wise also notes that earlier this year he quote, "became convinced (that McAfee) was a compulsive liar if not an outright psychopath."

You can find a link to the article at 7newsbelize.com. http://gizmodo.com/5958877/secrets-schemes-and-lots-of-guns-inside-john-mcafees-heart-of-darkness

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