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McAfee's Psychiatric Circus Continues
posted (December 3, 2012)
Gregory Faull was killed three weeks ago - and his murder joins about 90 other Belizean homicides in 2012 for which no arrest has been made.

The primary person of interest to police, John McAfee remains on the run, a fugitive of his own design, and he continues to make a rather dramatic production out of it.

He's set up a website where he breathlessly blogs about his various imagined intrigues, not-so-near-misses with law enforcement, and other fugitive fantasies.

This weekend - as things were beginning to drag - McAfee livened it up with his first on-camera interview. He granted it to CNN where reporter Martin Savidge wasn't quite sure what to think after leasing with the manic McAfee.

Savidge didn't state his location, but the area where he was reporting from looked a lot like San Pedro - which would suggest that McAfee's hiding in plain sight.

But, not so fast hours after that interview aired his blog posted an item saying that McAfee had been caught at the Belize Mexico border - which, of course, was just another one of his idle pranks. 40 hours After a whorde of international press bit on the bogus lead McAfee lit up the blogosphere again saying that he had left Belize and was in the care of VICE Magazine, an outfit from Mexico. Predictably, by this afternoon, McAfee announced that he and VICE had parted ways, acrimoniously.

And the psychiatric circus continues....

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