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McAfee Runs...Into the Arms Of America
posted (December 12, 2012)
He is the only person of interest in the murder of Gregory Faull, but it looks like the Belize police won't get a chance to interview John McAfee anytime soon, and that's because he has run into the arms of America.

Yesterday, a Supreme Court judge gave McAfee ten days to regularize his immigration status - so he was permitted to leave the Immigration holding facility where he had been since Thursday night. Guatemalan authorities made it clear they would not give him a visa, but he was given the opportunity to leave the country - and he bolted.

Here's what McAfee told the Guatemalan media as he got into a police and immigration escort car headed for the airport:

That was at 3:00 pm - and so at this hour McAfee is believed to have arrived in Miami. There is no word from Belizean law enforcement if they will be seeking his extradition to Belize.

And if you're wondering about McAfee's Belizean Girlfriend, Sam Vanegas, according to reports from Guatemala, she was left behind in that country - and he says he'll file for a VISA for her. Sounds like famous last words, right? We'll wait and see...

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