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Stirm Strikes Back At SPLC
posted (July 29, 2013)
Last week, the Alabama based organization known as the Southern Poverty Law Center, which is affiliated with UNIBAM and gay rights activist Caleb Orozco, released a 2013 report called "Dangerous Liaisons: The American Religious Right and the Criminalization of Homosexuality in Belize"

The report claimed that there were extremist right wing religious groups who were influencing the local Christian organizations in their campaign to resist what has been called the homosexual agenda.

The experts from the SPLC claimed that organizations such as Belize Action, a local movement by Pastor Scott Stirm was guilty of the very same thing they accused UNIBAM of doing, working for and being influenced by foreign gay rights organizations who were pushing to throw out Belize’s Sodomy laws as part of a global campaign.

Well, today, Stirm fired back with a release of his own, in it he claims that all of the allegations made by the SPLC report are false.

According to him, this report was a weak attempt which was timed to try to distract the nation from a month of Constitutional marches across Belize which, quote, “mobilized almost 10,000 Belizeans to stand for Constitutional values and opposed to the 2013 Gender Policy in its present form.”

Stirm continues that the report sought to associate Belizean efforts, which have been peaceful, to the social unrest in other parts of the world, particularly in Uganda, a country which has a death penalty for homosexual offenses.

He also re-stated that his organization is 100% Belizean funded from Belizeans who stand for strong family values. He does admit that ADF and C-FAM has provided advice, legal assistance and strategy, and he says quote,

“they are assisting in cases all over the world in the homosexual global attack on morality & family values.”

Stirm also states categorically none of the constitutional marches are intended to perpetuate violence, and that the members of the church also denounce any form of violence against the local LGBT Community.

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