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PUP, Cabals, But No Conspiracy
posted (July 22, 2015)

Yesterday, 13 PUP candidates were absent from a meeting of the Party’s National Executive and Standard bearers. Absentees included notable party personalities such as Cordel Hyde, Dan Silva, Jose Mai, and Major Lloyd Jones. Our information suggested that while there were a few with legitimate excuses, there was also a boycott by frustrated standard bearers. Why? Well, our information says that there is frustration with the leadership of the party – and the boycott was to send a message to the leadership that there is widespread discontent.

But, from all outward indications, no such message was received and Party Leader Francis Fonseca told the press that there was no boycott, just isolated and unremarkable absences.

So, that brings us to today where former leader John Briceno who was away dealing with a family illness has returned to the country. We are told that Briceno met today with Cordel Hyde, Dan Silva and others to discuss the general discontent in the party ranks.

But, right now it’s just talking and grumbling – which is to be expected in a party coming off three straight election defeats and the loss of its National Campaign Manager – with no replacement named. So, it’s too early to say if the grumbling this will take shape into something substantial, or if the status quo will be preserved.

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