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Hon. Elrington’s ICJ Fumble
posted (July 22, 2015)

In case you missed our interview with Foreign Minister Elrington from last week, he was discussing this latest disagreement between both sides over the forward operating base.

Elrington said that in order to deal with the real problem - which is the territorial dispute - it has to be resolved peacefully at the ICJ. For context, we re-air that portion of the interview which independent parties have seized upon: that going to the ICJ is a done deal:

FILE: July 16, 2015

Daniel Ortiz
"What was the reaction of the diplomats from Guatemala when you all informed them that you had this intention of building this base on Sarstoon Island?"

Hon. Wilfred Elrington, Minister of Foreign Affairs
"My own recollection is that they are suggesting that we discussed the matter at the OAS. We certainly have intention of doing it and they are simply seem to be suggesting that we should discuss it at the OAS before we take any further steps with respect to the matter, given the fact that in fact we are on our way to the ICJ."

Well, the VIP like the NTUCB, are holding Elrington to task, and they say that he omitted a very key fact that a referendum must be held in Belize for the populace to decide if they want to go to the ICJ.

The VIP says it is a telling slip of the tongue:

Patrick Rogers - Member,VIP

"That's why we're here with this press conference right? Because we listened to it too. We heard that and we said, what this man the say? He's talking like it's a done deal, hence the reason for this press conference because we want to wake up Belizeans make them understand that this thing is not a done deal.”

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