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The Harmony of the Prakash Project
posted (July 22, 2015)

PRA-KASH – in English it means light. That is what visiting musicians want listeners to find through music. Argentine guitarist Federico Diaz and Mexican sitarist Leonardo Nieto Joly are in Belize for the first time to perform their mix of Classical Indian music and Latin American folklore music. When we spoke to guitarist Federico Diaz today, he told us that it’s not so much about the music, but really – it’s about where the music takes you.

Federico Diaz - Guitarist

"Prakash is a…..well the intention of Prakash is to transmit something more than the music itself, it should feel like a space of light, the light of the music, a reflection.

"I believe that you can connect Prakash with ...the space, with the profound feelings but overall it’s just the space, the air that people can connect with, not the emptiness – the space. What I want people to take away from this is peace ….silent minds, for people to free the mind – rid the mind of all thoughts."

Jaen Nieto - Yoga Instructor

"I think that all the music can be healing. And yes as I said it's inspired in light. When the musician started this project we we're inspired in the light, so it comes from there. It could be healing, it tells a story, the music tells a story and each person perceives it according to their own stories."

The Prakash concert is being held at the Om Shanti Belize center on Princess Margaret Drive. It started at 7:30. There will also be another concert on Sunday in Placencia.

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