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Man Claims Island Cops Banished Him From La Isla Bonita
posted (March 10, 2017)
Darren Gonzalez, a Belize City man who was living on San Pedro, is stuck in Belize City tonight without his personal belongings. He claims he was banished from the island by police.

He says claims that the cops are being unfair to him because he is no criminal, and yet, he's not being allowed to return to the place where he wants to continue to make a living. He visited our office to complain that the police are going exceeding their authority by barring him from the island. He added that they are being unreasonable to the point that they don't want him to come collect his belongings.

He came to us out of frustration because he says that he's being given the run-around. Here's how he put it:

Darren Gonzalez, Upset with San Pedro Police
"I was living there 13 years ago and I moved back to Belize to be around my family. I went back out for 1 month and 1/2. I was working with BTL pulling with the 4G wire and trying to make a better life for myself. That job finished and I started to look around for jobs. Monday Jemott asked me to come in the office to see me. When he came to see me he detained me. When he interviewed me the next day, he asked if I had a job. I stated 'no not at the moment but I'm looking for a job and people out there want to hire me'. He said he wanted to see if I have $100 to show him so he can let me stay to prove that I can pay my rent. I told him I didn't have the $100 at the moment but I can go and get a job to make it happen. He asked which murder I just came off. I told him I've never been charged for murder all my life. He said he's going to send me off the island and I said 'Jemott I don't want you to do that, I'm trying to run from Belize because of the violence and it's more civil in San Pedro'. He didn't believe me and had me from Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon. He sent me on the 12 o'clock boat back to Belize City in hand cuffs with some prisoners. When we reached the Belize water taxi he released me and I'm free to go but he sent me off the island without my luggage, bike, TV, fan, stove and all my personal stuff and this is what I cannot understand. At Queen Street they called him and he says he doesn't want me back on the island because I'm a thief and I can be all sort of things. Whatever he's saying I'm trying to be is not his thing because I can be a changed man, I'm not what he's saying I am."

Daniel Ortiz, 7News
"It sounds as though the police are trying to control crime on the island. Are you involved in criminal activity to have the police concerned that you will contribute to their crime problem on the island?"

Darren Gonzalez, Upset with San Pedro Police
"Sir not to my extent. I don't involve myself in criminal activity, I am a jewelry artist from coconut shell, conch shell, unique pieces. This is how I've been living on the island."

Gonzalez told us that if the police insist in preventing him from living in San Pedro, he wants them to at least allow him to collect his household items. This evening, we contacted Assistant Superintendent and San Pedro commander Henry Jemmott, and he flatly declined to comment.

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