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A Book About The Truths Of Roots
posted (March 10, 2017)
Belize has a newly published author, and she's Althea Garbutt, a teacher at Nazarene High School. Her book, 'Rootsville', was launched at the UWI Open Campus Auditorium yesterday. It's a collection of 4 short stories, and a play.

They are all based on familiar themes such as abuse of power by law enforcement, party politics, and the way Belizeans "throw phrase" when they are quarreling with a neighbor.

It's intended for students in the upper divisions of primary schools, and high schoolers in 1st and 2nd form. But she told us she hopes the book will be embraced by readers of all ages:

Althea Garbutt - Writer, Rootvilles
"The name of this book is rootsville and my target audience is the upper division for the primary school and 1st and 2nd formers. It took me quite a while because these were stories that I wrote throughout the years and they are my babies and I kept them very close to me and I didn't want to release them because it's a hobby. The writing was hobby for me but a friend of mine, she saw one of my stories and she was like, why don't you put it out there? I'm like, no, these are for me but eventually I got to that place, I got a little more confidence in myself and that's where I am today. How these stories come about is the fact that teaching in the schools, you know a lot of stuff happens and for example one of the stories talk about getting out of the kitchen and it was an event that happen whereby the students saw some people, it was around the political time. It was time for election and some people were passing by the school and then our children from the school got out by the windows and started to throw words at them and these people came on our campus and it was a big thing. So, one of the stories is written about that, it's called "Get Out of the Kitchen, If You Can't Stand the Heat." I have some promises from the various teachers and vice principals who were at the book launching. I think my school, I have a good premise from my principal concerning the book with our literature teacher, they are going through it and so more than likely keeping my fingers crossed, will recommend it and also this book contains activities. The teachers don't have to think up, how will I, what activities am I going to do towards the stories? I have all of that as a part of the book."

Daniel Ortiz, 7News
"Is it for sale? Where can people access it?"

Althea Garbutt - Writer, Rootvilles
"Right now you need to access the book directly from me and my number is 6022819. I plan, like I said, I plan to get it out there for sale and the price is gong to be for 25 dollars. If you get it from me, maybe you might get it a little cheaper."

Those interested in the book can call her at 602-2819. She says that she has already started on her second book.

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