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Cop Caught On Camera With Hands In Cookie Jar
posted (April 19, 2017)

Another police officer has been brought up on charges for an act of dishonesty - but this time the woman constable has been charged criminally, as well. She was allegedly caught on camera with her fingers in the cookie jar, so to speak. It happened on Good Friday in Santa Elena, Cayo. Seems like police had gone to crack down on a store that didn't have a valid liquor license. The female proprietor of "Little Red Shop" says that police arrived to search for liquor - and ended up seizing several assorted bottles. They seized her liquor stock even though she didn't have it on sale.

And while the police may end up having to return her stock - what one officer didn't plan on returning are four 50 dollar notes she allegedly pinched out of the store's cash pan. Constable #1241 Ann Marie Anthony was allegedly caught on security camera lifting four fifty dollar notes. Police received the complaint, and the Cayo District Commander Andrew Ramirez was tasked to investigate. With the video providing compelling evidence, he didn't waste time and she has since been arrested and criminally charged for the crime of "THEFT" and placed on interdiction. Additionally, she will be charged disciplinary for "Prejudice to good order and Discipline."

Our sources say, police have received complaints about this officer before - but this is the first time someone has stepped up with evidence. And while the police acted swiftly in this case, we note that in the north when male officers were caught on camera in acts of customs evasion - which is also dishonesty - they were not criminally charged.

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