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Calling All Leaders
posted (April 19, 2017)

Last year in the beginning of May, Dr. Dionne Miranda and her team at Chamberlain consulting hosted the first Leadercast forum in Belize. Now, you may not know, but Leadercast is a big deal worldwide. It's event where some of the biggest leaders, and motivational speakers, such as the comedy superstar and filmmaker Tyler Perry, come to give talks on what it takes to be a leader.

They are looking for participation from leaders in all walks of life, from parliament, community activism, the school system, religious leaders, and even the business community. If you are a leader, or you aspiring to be, and you want to elevate your game, Chamberlain Consulting says the Leadercast is for you.

Yesterday, one of the Leadercast spokespersons from Barbados stopped by our office to tell us why you should sign up for an event that's been running for 17 years now outside of Belize:

Sharina Ifill - Leadercast, Bridgetown Barbados
"Leadercast is the largest leadership event in the world. It is broadcast live from Atlanta Georgia and everywhere else in the states, Canada, the rest of the world access it via simulcast, so it's in over 100 different locations around the world and it is the largest leadership event. The focus of Leadercast is to build leaders worth following and here in Belize we are so glad that it's here in Belize, it's in Barbados, it's in Grenada, it's in some of the other Caribbean countries and our vision is to spread it throughout the region and we are so glad that we have it here in Belize and we had it last year and this is our second year. It's a powerful event, it has been existing for the past 17 years and Leadercast it calls leaders from far and wide to come to lean in and to be filled again so that they can be the leaders whether it's in cooperate, whether it's in business or they are entrepreneur, whether it's in schools, whether it's in their profession, we want leaders to come, whether it's in the church, where ever. We want leaders to come and fill and to hear more about what Leadercast is all about. This year the theme is powered by purpose, so if you know what your purpose is, you would know how to accomplish things in life, your life will be more productive, you will have greater sense of clarity and purpose and that is the focus of Leadercast this year, powered by purpose. We want to empower as many Belizeans as possible and people in the Caribbean to be powered by purpose so we want persons to come to Leadercast Belize to hear about it."

"Leadership is important in every sphere of our society, it is important in the schools, it is important in the business places, it is important in parliament, it is important everywhere. In the church, everywhere, leadership is important because if we have better leaders, leaders worth following then we will have a better society, we will have a better nation, we will have better businesses, we will have better schools, we will have better homes."

 The ticket price for the 1-day event is $395, and if you're looking at the cost, and thinking it's too pricey, well, you might be able to get Chamberlain Consulting to sponsor you. Dr. Miranda told us that if you can convince them in writing that you deserve to be there, you could be one of the few that gets to attend for free. Here's how she explained it:

Daniel Ortiz
"For persons who want to participate in Leadercast but they can't meet the financial investment. How do you all assist?"

Dr. Dionne Miranda - Chamerlaine Consulting
"There are many ways, we actually have volunteers because on that day we have people who are helping us being ushers and different things and in fact a lot of people are taking time off work and investing as being volunteers for that day because we have to ensure that whoever is there gets a life experience in terms of the way that we treat them and take care of them and take care of their every need at the actual event. Besides that you are able to write in and say why you believe that you deserve an opportunity, in fact last year we had a food vendor from out of Hattieville who came and again she said that she wanted to be there and why and she felt because leadership isn't position, I don't want anybody to think leadership is because you hold some high position somewhere. Leadership is really an action, last year we saluted Darrah Robinson who believed he's a leader worth following in Belize, the opportunity is for a sponsorship, is for a raffle or just let us know why you deserve to be there because we really want people who are dedicated and focused on making a change and making a difference and if you believe that you should be there, then you should be there."

Leadercast Belize is being held on May 5 at the Biltmore Plaza Hotel from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

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